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What are we doing

Our team is a true connoisseurs of natural grace and active recreation. Field of interest affects many areas, such as mountain hiking, backcountry and freeride, climbing, cycling, autotravel and other areas related to active and extreme pastime. We truly love what we do and we want to give people the joy that the flames in our hearts. Our huge country has unique natural resources and a variety of beautiful and exciting places. All this tourism potential, we are trying as much as possible to open and to show people. We are for a healthy lifestyle, openness to the world and people. Always we try to expand their horizons of knowledge and a great pleasure to share the beauty and happiness to the people around us.

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Actual Tours


Road Trips/National Parks



Trekking Karkaralinsk

28 April-1 May

Lake Susingen

Trekking Lake Sussingen

May 6-9

spring backcountry

Spring backcountry