Arid landscape of Zhetysu

Arid landscape of Zhetysu

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велотур Алматы

Price for 1 person: $600 / 1 person; $400 / 2 persons; $300 / 3 persons

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights

Season: spring, autumn

Area: “Charyn” National Park

Overnight stop in tents

The road mostly cross-country

The bike tour is goes by the 200 km to the east from Almaty. The difference of this area is arid climate that’s why the season of bike tours starts earlier here. In this region saved a lot of places with ancient sedimentary landscape, which have formed unusual landforms of different color shade. On the first day tourists will move through Charyn Canyon the place which called Valley of Castles (mini alternative of Canyon in Colorado), where they stay overnight near the river. Ride of the second and third day goes along the river Charyn through ash tree grove to the unusual lake among the sand dune. It is called Wooden Lake. Fourth day of the journey goes through the valley of the Ili river after we’ll ride to the not tall Boguty mountains. Red sends Azhyrzhar is situated in the Boguty range, where we’ll have a walk by foot. This range is rich by iron stone. In the times of the Soviet Union iron was digging in this place, that’s why a lot of tunnels and grooves exist here. Camping for the night will be near the spring-well from tunnel. On the last day bike tourists will get an adrenaline by the downhill ride from the Boguty mountains.


1st day

7:30-8:00. Group gathering near Central Stadium, loading bikes.

8:00-12:00. Moving from Almaty to the start point near Charyn Canyon by car.

12:00-13:30. The descent to the river Charyn.

13:30-15:30. Rest, lunch, and setting of the camp.

15:30-18:00. Hiking through the canyon.

18:00-19:00. Supper.

Vertical drop -400 m.

Road 15 km.

велотур Алматы, Чарын

2nd day

7:00-10:00. Wakening time, breakfast, gathering.

10:00-11:30. Ride from the canyon.

11:30-15:30. Charyn river, ash tree groves. Lunch on the rout.

15:30-17:00. Free time.

17:00-19:00. Setting of the camp, supper.

Vertical drop +300 / -575 m.

Road 55 km.

велотур Алматы, Чарын

велотур Алматы, Чарын

3rd day

8:00-11:00. Wakening time, breakfast, gathering.

11:00-12:30. Charyn village.

12:30-14:00. Wooden lake.

14:00-17:00. Free time. Walking to lake.

17:00-19:00. Setting of the camp, supper.

Vertical drop -120 m.

Road 25 km.

велотур Алматы, озеро Деревянное

велотур Алматы, озеро Деревянное

велотур Алматы, озеро Деревянное

4th day

7:00-10:00. Wakening, breakfast, gathering.

10:00-13:00. Ride to the mountains Boguty.

13:00-14:00. Lunch.

14:00-16:00. Ascent to the red sands Azhyrzhar.

16:00-17:30. Ascent to the spring-well Ulkenbulak near the tunnel.

17:30-19:30. Setting of the camp, supper.

Vertical drop +750 / -130 m.

Road 75 km.

велотур Алматы, горы Богуты

вело Наурыз

5th day

7:00-10:00. Wakening, breakfast, gathering.

10:00-12:30. Aktospa pass.

12:30-13:00. Karasay gorge.

13:00-14:00. Lunch.

14:30-15:00. Sogety Mountains.

15:00-15:30. The descent in the Kokpek gorge.

15:30-16:30. Loading in the car.

16:30-19:30. Moving to Almaty.

Vertical drop +450 / -750 m.

Road 45 km.

велотур Алматы, горы Богуты

велотур Алматы, горы Богуты

Price Includes:

  • transportation (Almaty-Canyons-Almaty),
  • accompaniment by car during all bike tour,
  • guide service,
  • cook+food*,
  • rent tent (for 2 or 3 person),
  • permit for visiting “Charyn” National Park.

*If you have some preferences in food write me previously.

Not Include:

  • bike rent and equipment, helmet,
  • rent of mats and sleeping bag ($ 30 by person).

*You can find bikes for the rent (around $ 10-15 a day) and bike equipment ($ 5-10 a day) in store Extremal.

Every person need to take: 


– backpack;

– sleeping bag;

– camping mat;

– headlamp;

– sunglasses;

– bottle for water.


– comfortable shoes for riding;

– reserve light shoes;

– cap;

– cycling gloves;

– thermal wear;

– thermal pants;

– cycling shorts;

– warm pants for the evening;

– fleece jacket;

– windstopper coat;

– clothes for change.


– passport;

– insurance.

       Personal items:

– sunscreen;

– toothpaste;

– toothbrush;

– soap;

– towel;

– individual cosmetics.

      Personal medicine box:

– individual medications..

WhatsApp: +7-705-391-7744 (Yuriy)
E-mail: yushin_yurii@list.ru

велотур Алматы, Чарынский каньон, озеро Деревянное, горы Богуты

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