Jeep-tour in Bektau-Ata

Jeep-tour in Bektau-Ata

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  • 600$ (1 person)
  • 800$ (2 persons)
  • 990$ (3 persons)

Season: April-October

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Accommodation: in tents

Area: Karaganda region, Northern Balkhash region

Route: Almaty – Balkhash. – Bektau – Ata – Almaty

Total distance: 1400 km

Located a unique place called Bektau-Ata far enough from the city of Almaty. This place is interesting for its unusual forms and architecture. Its name received this array because of the legend saying that the grandfather (Ata) Bektau was hiding in a cave (Aulie-Tas) during the war of the Kazakhs with the Dzungars, where they could not find it because the location of the cave was not from below, in a prominent place, but on a mountain. Bektau had to sit in this cave for a long time, waiting for the enemies to leave, but there was no water, he just had to pray. Allah heard his prayers and a source of fresh water appeared in the cave. What flows there to this day. The cave and the water is considered holy and healing. Believers often visit this place. From a scientific point of view, these mountains were formed in the distant past, in the Paleozoic era, on the border of the Carboniferous and Permian, a large volcano was born here. He melted the rocks, but never exploded. In this place remained a giant granite cork, closing the mouth forever. So this place remains unborn volcano.

Here is where to walk and what to see. You can climb the main massif of Bektau-Ata. Walk to the cave and look into it. There are in this area and small lakes in which in the summer you can swim. Of particular interest Bektau-Ata is for photographers and video operators. In the dawn and dusk hours, incredible cosmic landscapes open up to the creative eye.


Overnight in these places in tents. And in general, the whole atmosphere of wild rest and the accompanying romance. Bonfire, walks in these fascinating places, starry nights, where you can see the myriad stars and the distinct milky way. During the rainy season in Bektau-Ata, many lakes are formed, which give additional color to this place. If you want to relax from the city rush, then this place is suitable. Only here the road is long and hard, you need to be ready for this. On the way in the summer, you can swim in the lake Balkhash. Also, it is always necessary to take repellents from mosquitoes with you; they are found there by hordes, especially in the spring period.


1 day

10 h. (6:00-16:00) Moving Almaty city – Bektau-Ata.

On the way stop for breakfast, lunch in a cafe, a short rest.

In summer, check-in on the way to Balkhash, swim.

3 hours (16:00-19:00) Setting up a campground, free time, rest

1 h (19:00-20:00) Dinner

Bonfire, free time.

2 day

1 h. (9:00-10:00) Breakfast.

3 hours (10:00-13:00) Walk in the vicinity. Visit to the cave Aulie -Tas.

1 hour (13:00-14:00) Return to the camp for lunch

1 h. (14:00-15:00) Rest in the camp, free time

3 hours (15:00-18:00) Walk to all the lakes and to the distant massifs of Bektau-Ata

1 h. (18:00-19:00) Dinner

3 h. (19:00-22:00) Free time

3 day

2 h. (8:00-10:00) Breakfast, camp gathering

10 h. (10:00-20:00) Return to Almaty

On the way, lunch and dinner in a cafe

Price includes:

  • Transport service
  • Guide service
  • Rent tent 2-3 places
  • Cook
  • Food
  • Permit on National Parks
  • Drinking water 1.5 liters / guest per day

Not include:

  • Rent of mats and sleeping bag – $30 / 1 person / all route

Every person need to take:


  • backpack (15-30 L)
  • sleeping bag (comfort +5…+10 оС)
  • camping mat
  • headlamp
  • sunglasses
  • bottle for water.


  • shoes
  • cap
  • thermal wear
  • thermal pants
  • warm pants for the evening
  • fleece jacket
  • windstopper coat
  • raincoat
  • clothes for change.


  • passport.

Personal items:

  • sunscreen
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • soap
  • towel
  • individual cosmetics
  • personal dishes (cup, plate, spoon).
  • Insect repellents (many mosquitoes in the spring)

Personal medicine box:

  • individual medications.

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