Jeep-tour in Kyrgyzstan

Jeep-tour in Kyrgyzstan

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  • 2500$ (1 person)
  • 3000$ (2 persons)
  • 3900$  (3 persons)

Season: June – September

Duration: 12 days – 11 nights

Accommodation: In guest houses and tents

Area: Kyrgyzstan

Route: Almaty – Bishkek – Ala-Archa – Toktogul reservoir – lakes Sary-Chelek – Alay valley (Osh region) – Base camp of Lenin peak – Sonkol lake – Orto-Tokoy reservoir – Issyk-Kul lake – Canyon Skazka – Barskaun raft ( pass Suek) – gr. Karkara – Charyn canyon – Almaty

Kyrgyzstan is a small country with great opportunities to travel to various natural locations. Nature lovers will find places for themselves that will forever leave a bright and deep trace in your memory.

Video (english subtitles, just include on YouTube): incredible adventures in Kyrgyzstan. Jeep tour 12 days.

Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, life and culture of a nomadic people, rich in history and wonderful responsive people. Our tour will immerse you in an abundance of amazing natural beauty. You will plunge into contrasts, having felt all seasons on your short vacation. In the morning you bathe in the turquoise waters of Issyk-Kul, and in the evening you can make a snowman in the high-altitude glacier zone. Our tour is designed in such a way as to acquaint tourists with the country in as much detail as possible, giving the opportunity to dive into its atmosphere and take all the best from it. A rich program includes the most interesting places, we will pass almost the entire country.


Tour program

1 day . Almaty – Bishkek – Ala-Archa. The distance is 290 km.

On this day we will make a move from the city of Almaty to the neighboring country – Kyrgyzstan. After that, we will head straight to the popular and very beautiful national park – Ala-Archa, where we will go trekking to the waterfall along a beautiful gorge. Then we will go back and set up a camp in the gorge, getting up for the night.

Approximate timing:

4 hours (7: 00-11: 00) Moving Almaty city – Bishkek. Crossing the border

1 h. (11: 00-12: 00) Stop at the cafe. Lunch

1 h. (12: 00-13: 00) Transfer to the National Park Ala-Archa

4 h. (13: 00-17: 00) Trekking to the waterfall (There and back)

1 h. (17: 00-18: 00) Camp setting

4 h. (18.00-22: 00) Dinner, rest, free time, sleep

2 day. Too-Ashuu pass. – Suusamyr – Ala-Bel pass. – Toktogul. The distance is 405 km.

On this day, we are waiting for a long journey through the most beautiful and alpine passes and valleys. All along the way we will admire breathtaking landscapes through the car window and of course stay in the most interesting places for photos. On the way we will have lunch and enjoy delicious national cuisine. In the evening we will arrive at the grand Toktogul reservoir and will camp around its shores.

Approximate timing:

2 hours. (8: 00-10: 00) Breakfast, camp fees.

7 h. (10: 00-17: 00) The main transfer with stops for photos and videos, lunch in a cafe, etc.

1 h. (17: 00-18: 00) Camp setting

4 h. (18.00-22: 00) Dinner, rest, swimming, free time, sleep

3 day. Lakes Sary-Chelek. The distance is 195 km.

On this day we will go to the beautiful lakes Sary-Chelek. The road from our starting point takes not so much time, but in terms of picturesqueness it is not inferior to the previous days. We will definitely stop at the bends of the road, overlooking the river – Naryn. This is a very big river, with rich colors in its deep waters. Then we gradually begin to climb the mountains, directly to the lakes of Sary-Chelek. The road along the gorge goes along thick trees, painting fabulous motifs. The riot of greenery delights, and when shown on the path of the lake, the breath stops.

Approximate timing:

2 hours. (8: 00-10: 00) Breakfast, camp fees.

5 h. (10: 00-15: 00) Transfer to the lake Sary-Chelek, lunch in a cafe, photo on the way

1 hour (15: 00-16: 00) A short walk along the lake

1 hour (16.00-17: 00) Settling in a house on the lake

5 h. (17.00-22: 00) Dinner, rest, swimming, free time, sleep

4 day. Lakes Sary-Chelek. Trekking

The lakes and nature around are so beautiful that a must-see point is to spend here another full day. This will help to take a break from the previous days’ journeys and recuperate, both physical and emotional-creative. On this day we go on a walk along several lakes and see the hidden corners of nature. Enjoy panoramic views of the lake from a height. And in the free time from the hike, you can swim, meditate and enjoy the infinitely beautiful atmosphere of this place. Here is a complete reboot of the mental state.

Approximate timing:

1 h. (9: 00-10: 00) Breakfast

5 h. (10: 00-15: 00) Walk along the lakes. Lunch on the hike

3 h. (15: 00-18: 00) Rest in the house, free time, swimming

1 h. (18.00-19: 00) Dinner

3 hours (19.00-22: 00) Free time, sleep

5 day. Through the Osh region to the Alay valley. The distance is 535 km.

After a restorative holiday on the lakes, we are waiting for new bright impressions. On this day, a long journey to the Alai Valley is planned. We will spend the whole day on the road, stopping only for lunch and photos. We will drive along the famous Pamir highway and overcome 2 high passes. And by the end of the day, we will see the famous seven thousand meters, led by Lenin Peak. This is a mecca for climbers from around the world in the summer. We will camp at an altitude of 3000m. overlooking the monumental peaks.

Approximate timing:

1 h. (7: 00-8: 00) Breakfast, fees

9 h. (8: 00-17: 00) Moving to Alai Valley, on the way lunch, stop for photo-video.

1 h. (17: 00-18: 00) Camp setting

1 h. (18.00-19: 00) Dinner

3 hours (19.00-22: 00) Free time, sleep

6 day. Base camp peak Lenin. Return to the Pamir highway. The distance is 120 km.

The current day will be devoted to familiarization with the base camp of high-altitude climbers. We climb a car, along a mountain road, crossing rivers and climbing higher and higher. Having arrived at the base camp, from where the ascents to Lenin Peak begin, we will see huge mountains, dotted with glaciers and icefalls. Walk around and breathe thin air. After that, we will go back to the Pamir highway, approaching the next unique natural location. If the weather permits, we will stop at a lake in the mountains located near the Pamir Highway, or set up a camp below on a green meadow.

Approximate timing:

1 h. (8: 00-10: 00) Breakfast, fees

2 hours (10: 00-12: 00) Transfer to the base camp of Lenin Peak by car

3 hours (12: 00-15: 00) Walk, lunch

3 hours (15.00-18: 00) Moving to the next camp

1 h. (18.00-19: 00) Dinner

3 hours (19.00-22: 00) Free time, sleep

7 day. Return to Osh and start to Sonkol Lake. The distance is 335 km.

We return by the Pamir highway and drive into Jalal-Abad along the way. We walk and have lunch in the city and buy the necessary products from the local market. After that, we continue our way to Sonkol Lake, where we will have to overcome several beautiful and high mountain passes. There is no asphalt, driving along a winding mountain road with beautiful views from the window. On the way we stop for the night at the river.

Approximate timing:

1 h. (8: 00-10: 00) Breakfast, fees

2 hours (10: 00-12: 00) Moving to Jalal-Abad

3 hours (12: 00-15: 00) Walk, lunch, grocery shopping

3 hours (15.00-18: 00) Moving to the next camp

1 h. (18.00-19: 00) Dinner

3 hours (19.00-22: 00) Free time, sleep

8 day. Lake Sonkol. The distance is 220 km.

Today we are waiting for the next move to the beautiful Lake Sonkol. The road still goes along mountain serpentines and passes. This is an incredibly beautiful stretch of path, the views surrounding us fascinate throughout the journey. On the way, we will stop at interesting places, for example, we will visit a cave and we will make wonderful pictures at the highest points. This stretch of travel is popular with foreign tourists.

Approximate timing:

1 h. (8: 00-10: 00) Breakfast, fees

4 h. (10: 00-14: 00) Transfer to the Sonkol Lake

2 hours (14: 00-16: 00) Lunch, setting up the camp

2 hours (16.00-18: 00) Free time

1 h. (18.00-19: 00) Dinner

3 hours (19.00-22: 00) Free time, sleep

9 day. Kalmak-Ashuu pass – Orto-Tokoi reservoir – Issyk-Kul lake. The distance is 300 km.

Today we have a fairly relaxed day. Not too long drive from the mountains to the sandy beaches of the Emerald Lake Issyk-Kul. Having slept and had a full breakfast, we will descend along another road through the Kalmak-Ashuu pass, which is 3450m high. From the pass there will be a beautiful view of the valley below. Going down to the Naryn highway, the rest of the way will pass along an excellent asphalt road. Be sure to stop at the Orto-Tokoi reservoir, casting different shades of color in the sun and admire this magnificence. Then we will go to the southern coast of Issyk-Kul, it is less popular than the North Coast, but it has a smaller number of holidaymakers in the season and many closely located natural locations. After the cool mountains, plunge into the clear waters of Issyk-Kul, incomparable pleasure.

Approximate timing:

1 h. (9: 00-11: 00) Breakfast, fees

4.5 hours (11: 00-15: 30) Transfer to the Issyk-Kul lake. On the way lunch at the cafe

1 h. (15: 30-16: 30) Camp setting

Bathing, dinner, free time, rest

10 day. Issyk-Kul – Canyon Tale – Barskaun Gorge. The distance is 80 km.

On this day, we are waiting for quite a few crossings, and more walks and easy trekking of the sights. In the morning after a good night’s sleep, after breakfast and after a swim, we’ll go to the Fairy Tale canyon located not far from our camp. The canyon received its name for a reason, and its bizarre shapes and colors overlooking the coast of Issyk-Kul will fully enchant you. After the walk we will go to the mountains, namely the gorge Barskaun. Having climbed the mountains along the picturesque valley, we will see a monument to the first cosmonaut – Gagarin. Next to it is a small campsite, where we will stop for lunch in national yurts and enjoy river trout (or another national cuisine). After that we go easy hiking to two waterfalls – the Bowl of “Manas” and “Champagne Splashes”. At the end of the walk we set up a camp in the mountains, or return to Issyk-Kul beach and set up a camp there. Optional.

Approximate timing:

2.5 h. (9: 00-11: 30) Breakfast, fees, swimming

30 min. (11: 30-12: 00) Transfer to the fairy tale canyon

1 hour (12: 00-13: 00) Walk through the canyon

1 hour (13: 00-14: 00) Transfer to the gorge Barskaun

1 h. (14:00-15: 00) Lunch in the national yurt in the mountains

3 hours (15:00-18: 00) Walk to the waterfalls

4 h. (18:00 pm – 22:00) Camp setting, dinner, free time

11 day. Barskaun Gorge – Suek Pass – Gold Mine Kumtor – Issyk-Kul . The distance is 130 km.

Today we will visit the highest pass on our tour. Climbing along the gorge Barskaun on a dirt road, we will observe a winding road in the mountains that raises us higher and higher – to the clouds. Soon we will see glaciers located in direct visibility, if you wish, you can walk directly to them. The road is in good condition, because it is followed by a Canadian company serving the Kumtor gold mine. At an altitude of 3,800 meters num, we will see a wide-spreading plateau with lakes against the backdrop of high mountain peaks. Such plateaus are called – Syrty.

Having passed beyond this plateau, we will rise to the maximum height in our journey. At the Suek Pass, which has a height of 4028m. num Perhaps for many it will be a record height. But having already well acclimatized during our tour, we will be adapted to this height. Even in the summer there is snow, because it is a zone of high mountains.

After visiting the pass, we will drive to the Kumtor gold mine and look at it from afar. They won’t let us inside, because This is a strategic object. And then we descend again to the sandy beach of Issyk-Kul. You will be surprised at such a striking contrast, when in a short time you will first be in a zone of snow and ice, and by evening you will lie on the beach and swim in Issyk-Kul. This is the most contrasting day in our journey.

Approximate timing:

3 hours. (9: 00-12: 00) Breakfast, fees, swimming

1 h. (12: 00-13: 00) Transfer to the gorge Barskaun

1 hour (13: 00-14: 00) Lunch in the gorge

3 hours (14: 00-17: 00) Transfer to the Arabel Plateau, Suek Pass, Kumtor Mine

1 h. (17.00-18: 00) Return to Issyk-Kul

4 h. (18:00 pm – 22:00) Camp setting, Dinner, Free time

Day 12 Tamga – Karakol – Kegen – Charyn – Almaty. The distance is 480 km.

Final day of travel. Return to the city of Almaty. On the way we will stop in the city of Karakol, have lunch and go to the border of Karkar. We need to have time to 18.00, then close the border. The road to the border is picturesque. Having passed the border, we are heading to Almaty. If desired, tourists can drive on the way to our famous location – Charyn Canyon. We will come there closer to the sunset colors, you can take beautiful photos and enjoy the sunset.

Approximate timing:

2 h. (8: 00-10: 00) Breakfast, fees, swimming

2 hours (10: 00-12: 00) Moving to the city of Karakol

1 h. (12: 00-13: 00) Lunch at the cafe

2.5 h. (13: 00-15: 30) Moving to the border of Karkar

1 hour (15.30-16: 30) Crossing the border

2 hours. (16.30-18: 30) Transfer to the Charyn canyon “Valley of Castles”

30 min. (18.30-19: 00) Photo on the panoramic point

2.5 hours (19.00-21: 30) Return to the city of Almaty.

P.S. If desired, customers route can be modified and designed individually. The time is indicated roughly and may differ on the route in a minor direction. If you have additional questions, please email or call.

Included in the price:

  • guide service – driver
  • transport service on a comfortable SUV
  • Payments in national parks
  • tent rental
  • 4 nights in guest houses
  • food and cook *
  • Camping equipment (table, chairs, pots, dishes, etc.)
  • Translator

Services are designed for 1-3 people. With a group of more than three people – the cost is calculated individually.

Not include:

  • Rent of mats and sleeping bag – $30 / 1 person / all route
  • Hotels, hostels, yurts and guest houses. (Not included in the program) are paid separately.
  • Insurance policy (optional)

Every person need to take:

  • backpack 30l
  • comfortable shoes
  • sleeping bag (comfort + 0 … + 5 ° C)
  • Mats
  • warm clothes for evening and night
  • slates (crocs) for resting feet in the evening
  • headdress
  • sunglasses and cream
  • Bathing accessories, towels
  • headlamp and batteries
  • personal first aid kit (allergies, etc.)
  • personal hygiene (brush, toothpaste, etc.).
  • documents.

Phones, Whats’App: + 7705-416-0365 (Sergey)

E-mail: adrenalinicsilence@mail.ruekstremal-kz@yandex.ru

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