Hiking (one-day)

Hiking to mount 3,000 m (one-day, easy)

Hiking to mount 3,000 m (one-day, middle)

Hiking to mount 4,000 m (2-3 day)


Trekking (2-3 days)

Big Almaty Round travel (4 days). The most beautiful trek!

Turgen valley (4 days)

Susingen lake. Shymkent mountains (4 days)

Trekking Almaty-Kolsay lakes (5 days)

Amazing Turgen. Glaciers and lakes (6 days)

Line of Alatau (10 days). There may be variations of this tour (5, 6 and 8 days).

Unexplored Kolsay’s Lakes (12 days)

Trekking in the Terskey Alatau. Alakol lake. Kyrgyzstan (6 days)

Trekking with mountaineering equipment

10 days the mountain of happiness

In the glacial heart of the Zailiysky Alatau (11 days)


Climbing 4,000 m (2-3 days)

Climbing to mount Kiz Ymshek 4,024 m. The Kungey Alatau, National Park “Kolsay Lake”, (6 days)

Climbing in the Left Talgar gorge: mount Muryntau 4,510 m, mount Abalakov 4,427 m, Mounts traverse: Soviet climbers 4,379 m and SSU 4,464 m (7 days)

The highest mountains in Kazakhstan

(Program of our team)

Mount Talgar 5,017 m, the Nothern Tien-Shan (Southern Kazakhstan)

Mount Semenov-Tien-Shansky 4,622 m, the Dzhungarsky Alatau (Southern Kazakhstan)

Mount Beluha 4,506 m, the Altay (Eastern Kazakhstan)

Mount Sayram 4,238 m, the Western Tien-Shan (Southern Kazakhstan)

Mix tours. Trekking and mountaineering

Two mountains 4,000 m: mount Molodezhny 4,147 m and mount Sovetov 4,317 m (5 days)

Freeride, backcountry and ski touring

Winter tours (1 day)

Spring & Summer tours (1-2 days)

Bike tours

Arid landscape of Zhetysu (5 days)

Nature photo tours. Summer

Turgen waterfalls (1 day)

Nature photo-tour of Almaty. Big Almaty and Issyk Lakes + Turgen waterfall (1 day)

Turgen – Assy Plateau – Bartogai Reservoir (1 day)

Jeep tour “Deserts and mountains”. Charyn Canyon and Assy plateau (2 days)

Nature contrasts of Kazakhstan (2 days)

Jeep tour in the Kakpak gorge. Hiking to the Karakul lake (3 days)

Jeep-tour to lake Tuzkol, Ketmen Pass and Hot Springs (3 days)

Photo tour in Kolsay National Park. Trekking to Kolsay lakes and auto tour to Kaindy lake (3 days)

Jeep-tour to the waterfall Burkhan-Bulak (3 days)

Dzungarian Alatau. Burkhan-Bulak waterfall and Zhasylkol lake (5 days)

On the trail of Chokan Valihanov (7 days)

Golden Ring of Seven Rivers (7 days)

Jeep-tour in Kyrgyzstan (12 days)

Nature photo tours. Spring and autumn

Charyn canyon. Valley of Castles (1 day)

Moon canyon (1 day)

Tour to Tamgaly-Tas (1 day)

Boguty Mountains and Red Azhirzhar landslide (1 day)

Canyon Temirlik (1 day)

Kurty reservoir. Photo-hunt to Regel tulip and other primroses of the Kazakh steppe (1 day). Season: from 1 to 20 April

Charyn National Park (2 days)

Altyn Emel National Park – volcanic mountains Katutau, chalk mountains Aktau, Singing Dunes (2 days)

Jeep-tour in Bektau-Ata (3 day)